TIVI - Verifiable Voting - Accessible, Anytime, Anywhere

Declining participation rates undermine election credibility. Governments around the world are seeking more efficient and effective ways to engage with an increasingly mobile and dispersed electorate.

Traditional remote voting methods, such as postal, proxy and location voting fall short and compromise the integrity of the electoral process. Online voting is the most effective method to help Election Management Bodies (EMB’s) increase participation rates and address those unique remote voting challenges.

Smartmatic and Cybernetica have partnered to develop TIVI, the most advanced, secure and universally verifiable online voting solution for governments, which guarantees the integrity of the remote voting process.

TIVI is the only online voting solution in the world that offers universal digital verifiability to prove the integrity of the vote, from the point of casting to counting.

Find out how TIVI solves all of the unique challenges associated with remote voting. Download our Remote Voting Solutions Brochure. Or have a look at the FAQ document and TIVI fact sheet.

How governments and voters benefit from TIVI

•    TIVI ensures that voter privacy is maintained, electoral fraud and manipulation are eliminated, voter coercion is reduced and the overall integrity of the electoral process is improved.
•    Governments and voters can be assured that TIVI includes a variety of key features which not only strengthen the overall integrity of the electoral process, but also allow remote voting to be convenient, increasing participation rates.

Want to know more? Read Smartmatic’s submission to the UK’s Speakers Commission on Digital Democracy or read more about how online voting compares to Postal Voting.