Real-time Electoral Information System (REIS)

After the polls close, the goal of any modern voting system is to ensure all votes are securely collected, validated, counted, and that final results are confidently computed, delivered and published, all in the shortest possible time.

That is where the last component in the voting system comes in, the canvassing subsystem: Smartmatic’s Real-Time Electoral Information System (REIS).

Go beyond the competition

REIS is a computer software system developed specifically to fulfill a wide breadth of stringent electoral requirements. It goes far beyond the usual counting and publishing functions of most other products.

Most voting systems in the market go no further than providing a module to process election results, which in some instances act as an extension of their election management system.

In contrast, REIS streamlines all processes required to receive, validate and tally voting data, and help authorities to proclaim winners and publish results within minutes of poll closing.

Supports all electoral formulas

It's designed for use by countries around the world and addresses most, if not all, of the election systems in use today.

REIS supports all categories of electoral formulas, from the simplest (i.e., referendums) to the most complex vote aggregation methods to yield final results, including single-winner and multiple-winner, majority rule and proportional representation methods.

In the case of party-list proportional representation, highest averages methods such as the D'Hondt, Hagenbach-Bischoff, and the Sainte-Laguë methods are fully supported.