Identity Management System (IDMS)

Identity Management System (IDMS) is our central data management system. By consolidating and purging the voter data, it generates a unique and clean database. This system takes care of the appeals process, asking the election commission to reverse the decision to reject a particular citizen's voter registry entry.

Key Benefits

Advanced encrypting mechanisms safeguard the stored information. As part of the data reception stages, the integrity of the information is validated for added security.

IDMS has been integrated with software from renowned providers related to biometric identification. Also, in order to streamline data management, the system is capable of processing different types of biometric information simultaneously (fingerprints, faces, iris, etc.).

Because IDMS supports standard data formats, it can easily implement integration interfaces with external or legacy systems.

Ease of use
User-friendly graphic interfaces (GUI) offer very intuitive tools that require minimum training. Importing and exporting information is as simple as it gets.

Data protection
This innovative platform can be configured to store information in several formats (XML, tails, databases, among others.) 

IDMS fully supports all Biometrics industry standards in force (WSQ, ISO/IEC 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378, ISO/IEC 19794-5, ISO/IEC 19794-6, etc.), as well as for data exchange (ANSI/NIST-ITL templates).

The integrity of the biometric data can be validated easily and securely. In order to do so, all operations performed are stored in logs, which can be monitored online by external systems, or in "post-mortem" fashion during an audit process.

Several backup mechanisms guarantee the system is always available. IDMS can recover and balance the load among its multiple operation nodes. The data reception service is available at all times.

How it works
When a voter registry is being consolidated, IDMS receives and stores the incoming information of every voter in a central repository. During this process, the software guarantees that there are no duplicates and verifies interoperability using standard formats. Sophisticated quality verification algorithms guarantee the quality of the data received and stored. IDMS segments fingerprint images according to biographic characteristics to provide focused biometric queries, without interrupting the system’s operation.

IDMS allows the validation of the data, via audits, at any time.