Election Management System (EMS)

Security and auditability are some of the defining advantages of Smartmatic’s EMS, a system that allows you to configure any type of automated election in a flexible and practical way.

Smartmatic’s Election Management System (EMS) is an application that automatically generates all the tools needed to prepare and conduct an election.

From candidates' nominations, to voter registration and ballot design, EMS organizes the information in any given country or region where an automated election process will be deployed with security, simplicity and accuracy.

EMS performs all administrative tasks related to the chosen election configuration, such as:

  • Contests and jurisdiction specification
  • Polling stations
  • Candidate registration
  • Ballot generation
  • Results collection
  • Results tabulation
  • Winner proclamation
  • Election results publication

All election information set up by EMS can be used later by other Smartmatic applications or devices during the course of the electoral event.

EMS also establishes the configuration files for each voting machine being deployed, and finally contributes to the creation of reports and legal documents with the evaluation results of the system’s performance.