Election-360 is the ultimate platform for managing elections, enabling the effective planning, tracking and control of every process of an election in real time.

Key benefits

By providing a 360 degree visibility of every electoral activity, and allowing authorities to make informed decisions, Election-360 enables resources to be deployed only where they’re needed.

Election-360 can be configured to meet the needs of any client and any election. Authorities can specify all the election activities that need monitoring, and the responses to be made should any unplanned incident occur.

Election-360 helps keep track of important assets, such as election materials and polling locations, minimizing the risk of wrongful manipulation, loss and theft. It also allows authorities to supervise staff. 

Election authorities are better able to inform politicians, the media and observers on the progress of the election because they can see exactly what’s happening in the field.

This powerful software increases efficiency and transparency, which builds public trust in election authorities and processes.

Facilitates in-depth analysis of the progress of the election by increasing visibility of how goals are being met. In addition, it generates valuable information for future elections. 

Because comprehensive information is delivered in real time with pre-configured instructions, it enables authorities to respond immediately and correctly to incidents, before they have a chance to affect the election schedule.