Not only do we create and deploy all the hardware and software needed to make voting completely auditable, transparent and secure via electronic means, we also provide every service to ensure its complete success, from training the staff involved to providing all the necessary technical support.

We are the only provider worldwide, which has successfully supported large scale election deployments in challenging environments, with tight timeframes and on five continents.

With the most experienced team in the world, we provide project management and knowledge transfer expertise to manage election projects, assist in capability building and ensure sustainability.

Project management

We have developed a management methodology based on the best practices of operational management and our accumulated experience in election automation and voter registration projects. The model we use is a balanced method which includes mandatory steps and conditions, without restricting the flexibility that each country deserves due to its specific requirements.


Readiness activities involve all activities before, during and after equipment production, and the preparation of all equipment and consumables that will be used during the project (material storage, quality control, audits, etc).


Logistics deployment covers all machine, paraphernalia or any other materials movement outside of the Central Warehouse.

Staff recruitment

We manages massive recruitment processes to ensure availability of local people to perform field operation functions, with specific skills and backgrounds according to the specified function.


Targeted theoretical and practical sessions can be provided regarding the software and hardware,  technical support and logistical procedures. We typically train a large number of people through a Train-Of-Trainers scheme where in our specialists train the trainer candidates who will later replicate the training to operators and technicians.

Voter education

Making sure that voters know how to vote and cast their ballot is key to election integrity.

Educational campaigns should be designed to ensure that voters are ready, willing, and able to participate in election politics. This entails election literacy and confidence that the election process is appropriate and effective in selecting governments.

We supports the creation of a comprehensive education plan and public campaigns for educating and informing voters about the new technologies provided, aimed at building trust in the system.

Technical support

To guarantee the operational efficiency of the entire election process on Election Day as well as the prior milestones and events, we provides high quality technical support.

To assist and monitor all field personnel in technical and/or logistical matters using our management and monitoring platform, a hierarchical pyramid system is used to ensure immediate response during any situation.

Tests & Audits

Test events are conducted prior to Election Day to ensure that all systems will perform as they should based on the requirements, and assess any external factors that might affect expected smooth performance.