Project management

How do you guarantee the success of a project of the scale, complexity and duration of a national election involving upwards of 50 million voters?

How do you tackle the challenge of voter registration? How do you guarantee a secure and transparent election process?

How do you hire, train and coordinate up to 76,000 people?

How do you cope with change, overcome adversity? How to you make sure ensure everything’s ready in time?

Our software may help us achieve the seemingly impossible. But it’s our project management methods that help bring it all together – on time and on budget.

Our approach

Effective, flexible project management is absolutely vital. It’s one of the key reasons we’ve enjoyed a 100% success rate, regardless of complexity, scale or location. It allows us to adapt, no matter what challenges we face.

We’re continually refining our project management (PM) methods, in line with what we learn. But they’re grounded in the internationally recognised standards established by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

This is the organisation of choice for project management professionalism. It helps define best practice in applying knowledge, skills and tools in complex technology projects.

It also provides certification. All our project managers and controllers are PMP (project management professional) certified.

This ensures they have the education, experience and ability to lead elections around the globe. Elections such as yours.

We offer our project management services for every single process in the election journey.