VIU–100 voter identification unit

Guarantees one person, one vote

Smartmatic's biometric voting device

The VIU (Voter Identification Unit)  100 allows voters to use our voting machines only when they have confirmed their identity. They can do this by scanning their fingerprint (biometric), swiping a smart ID card, or entering numeric information, such as a document number. This authentication device prevents identity theft by confirming voters are who they say they are, and in ensures they only vote once.

Prevents fraud

Activates voting session once the voter has confirmed his or her identity via biometrics, smart card or document number.

Prevents double voting

Checks user off against a database of registered voters.


Simple to use, featuring large buttons, sound signals and a clear, colour LCD screen for instructions. Comfortable, practical and robust.


Performs regular checks on all its components – and can also perform remote diagnostics of all voting machines parts, too.

More about the VIU-100

The VIU-100 is a peripheral device compatible with all Smartmatic voting machines, is easy to install and transport thanks to its practical design.

How it works

The VIU-100 stores a list of registered voters. It compares the inputted information (fingerprint, smart card data or document number) against that list. If the voter’s details match those on the voting database, voting can proceed. It also ensures any voter can only vote once. The VIU-100 can also generate statistics on registered voters.