An extra large touch screen to make voting even easier

Smartmatic's voting machine SAES-3377

We designed the SAES-3377 to make voting even easier. Its 17’’ screen displays all the options available to the voter, who only has to press the screen to make a choice. It stores votes with the most accurate, secure and verifiable technology on the market. And it supports every type of election, from nominal or preference vote to a simple referenda.


Its touch screen captures the voter’s intention perfectly; it’s impossible to spoil a vote due to human error. Like all our machines, it shows the options selected to the voter and requests confirmation. A paper voucher generated by a built-in printer serves to verify the electronic count.


Stores the votes with encryption keys longer than those used in Internet banking, and it does so in seven different occasions – any inconsistency would be evident. Similar encryption keys protect vote transmission.


In our system, the votes leave both an electronic and a paper trail. The benefit of e-voting is that every vote is traceable from the moment the voter makes a choice to the time results are published, and one can verify that it wasn’t tampered with. It’s also possible to compare the electronic count against the paper vouchers to make sure they match.


Our machines generate results, consistently, in less than two hours after the polls close, no matter how many million votes were cast, the dimensions of the country or the remoteness of the polling stations. Both vote counting and vote transmissions are virtually instantaneous.


Easy to store and transport. It’s a light, resistant, self-contained machine that comes with its own case and is easy to maintain.


The SAES-3377 was designed to be user-friendly. Its graphic options make it accessible to those who can’t read or write. There is an extensible control unit for users in wheelchairs, headphones for the visually impaired and a Sip-and-Puff interface to navigate the ballot. It also has a Braille interface.


The SAES-3377 offers absolute transparency. The voting vouchers enable users to verify that the electronic count is 100% exact. Passwords, networks and servers can be checked before, during and after the elections by independent technicians, citizens and representatives of all political parties.

More about the SAES-3377

The SAES-3377 has a large high resolution screen. It can operate with a DC power source, such as a car battery; this makes it possible to reach voters in remote locations that lack an uninterrupted power source.

How it works

After the voter’s identity has been confirmed, he/she is granted access to the voting machine. There, the voter uses the machine’s touch screen to make and confirm his/her selections and receives a printed voting voucher that reflects them; this voucher is to be deposited in a ballot box. After the polls close, the SAES-3377 transmits the necessary data to the servers in the tallying centres. If required, as soon as the polls close, the machine can print a complete registry of all individual votes together with copies of the precinct count (a count of all the votes).