Election integrity increased with faster, accurate and verifiable results

The SAES-1800plus is an optical scanner, specifically designed to automate vote counting in manual elections.

With the SAES-1800plus and our experience of over 3 billion votes counted using precinct based scanners, we guarantee maximum security and transparency, while speeding up vote counting to deliver timely results, ultimately increasing election integrity.

Ease of use

No technical expertise and only minimal training is needed to operate the device. The voter experience is intuitive and very user-friendly, and the device features an audio tactile interface and a graphic screen display to offer assistance to those voters with disabilities.


Security mechanisms include latest-generation encryption algorithms with digital signatures, which protect the election information and the software. The device transmits securely and unidirectional over data networks (LAN, phone lines, GSM, CDA and satellite).


SAES-1800plus is a robust, 100% auditable piece of equipment that facilitates the processing of ballots with maximum accuracy. The design of the ballots can include barcodes, invisible ink, safety paper and other characteristics that guarantee their authenticity, and in this way, the voter’s will.


The SAES-1800plus stores a digital image of every ballot and adds a record to each image that clearly states how the system processed the ballot. This way, several traces are generated for each vote, which proves useful to validate the results. Moreover, the LCD screen gives real time information to the voter about the selections that have been made.


This optical scanner recognizes any type of mark on the ballot, such as filled ovals (either completely or partially), checkmarks and/or crosses. It also accepts various ballot formats, i.e. portrait, landscape, multi-column and multi-page.

How it works

Once the voter is authenticated and deemed eligible to vote, the poll worker will hand out the right ballot to the voter. The voter makes a selection by filling out a paper ballot, containing as many ovals as needed depending on the election. Once finalized, the voter introduces their marked ballot into the optical scanner; the scanner reads the ballot, interprets the selections made and informs the voter about the selections made, either on the machine or by printing a vote receipt. After the voter confirms the selection, the scanner encrypts and saves the vote securely and anonymously, ensuring the voter's privacy and the integrity of the vote.

At the end of the voting process, the SAES-1800plus counts all the stored votes and produces as many copies of the voting station's final results report as requested. It can then transmit its results to the national or regional centers.