The new generation touchscreen electronic voting machine for governmental elections

The A4-500 can feature as a direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machine or as an electronic ballot marking device (EBM).

Tested by independent global usability experts, the A4-500 provides the highest levels of usability, accessibility and security, guaranteeing independent and convenient voting for all voters.

With the design of the A4-500, we have incorporated the needs of all stakeholders, ensuring it accommodates the needs of voters, poll workers and Election Management Bodies.


Usable and accessible voting for anyone

Designed based on recommendations from independent human factor experts, the A4-500 optimizes the voter experience of all voters by combining usability and accessibility features, both in the hardware as well as in the software.

The machine has an extra-large touch screen (at least 17’’) for optimal viewing and a front approach increasing privacy and reducing distractions. The continuous availability of instructions, feedback and an intuitive interface smoothly guide the voter through the voting experience.

Headphones, an audio interface, buddy buttons and a Sip-and-Puff interface allow voters with disabilities to navigate the ballot independently. The A4-500 is fully ADA compliant.

Poll worker ease-of-use

Smartmatic’s A4-500 has been designed in such a way that it is easy to carry, can be set up by one person and due to its intuitive and self-explanatory user interface, the poll worker is guided throughout the processes with clear instructions, minimizing errors.

Optimal security, auditability and traceability

The A4-500 includes the highest and strongest levels of cryptographic suites, digital signatures, data redundancy, two-factor authentication with a smartcard and access control by different roles and profiles.

Further privacy and security is achieved by a built-in Trusted Platform Module and this is combined with special customizations performed to the OS, unique techniques for the randomization of physical file positions on the disk, and a custom design for TEMPEST level A compliance.


Every EMB has different needs, therefore configurations, factory options, supported messages and languages, behavior parameters and validations, ballot handling, and some voting experience timeouts are completely customizable according to the EMB’s needs.


The A4 500 is lightweight, and comes in a solid carry case, with self-standing capability.