The future of polling

United Kingdom, London - September 18, 2017 - "Elections are crucial to any democracy. Any effort to bolster democracy should not only embrace innovation that empowers voters, but also the technological advancements in security measures that ensure results are as legitimate and credible as possible."

With these words our CEO, Antonio Mugica, highlighted the importance of election technology in his article "The future of polling", which was published recently by the “Greece is” magazine as part of their celebration of International Democracy Day, 2017.

Having helped process over 3.7 billion votes in election in election projects in five continents, Antonio has seen firsthand how technology can assist election management bodies in improving the efficiency and transparency of their elections.

"Our voting solutions have allowed citizens from five continents to cast their ballots easily and securely. Whether in the Philippines, Belgium, Uganda or Bolivia, technology has enabled us to assist authorities in delivering better elections."

With this piece, Antonio joined the worldwide conversation around Democracy Day which was promoted by the United Nations.