Smartmatic presented election solution to international observers

Caracas, August 5, 2005 .- Smartmatic presented its solution Smartmatic Automated Election Systems (SAES) on August 4th, 2005 before a group of international observers, specializing in elections and authorities from different election stages in its country of origin, who attended as observers at the municipal elections in Venezuela.

The private meeting between the international observers and the Board of Directors of Smartmatic gave the opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate the function of the two models of voting units (SAES3000 y SAES3300), and the diversity of technological services and support that Smartmatic displays in the countries where it participates in election projects.

The private dinner at the Meliá Caracas Hotel was the center for discussions regarding the advances in the electronic voting systems currently available in the market. It also allowed the demonstration of the scope of new technology being developed by Smartmatic, its successful practices, the lessons learnt, and development of new reliable and accessible election products.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Antonio Mugica, delivered a presentation and exhibited a documental video that illustrates the SAES display, using as a case study the elections carried out in Venezuela where Smartmatic provided its services. Mugica explained before the observers and election specialists, the way that SAES technology could be cost effective for the nations and represented the easiest, most secure and auditable way of executing the right to vote.

The assistants had the opportunity to clarify doubts about the SAES machines (with Voter Verified Paper Audit Unit Print), and the electronic ballots. Moreover, they could vote in the voting units and personally proved the reliability of the election technology from Smartmatic.

Among the international personalities who attended the meeting were: representatives of the Organization of American States (OAE), from the Inter-American Union of Election Organizations (IUEO), from the Andean Election Council, and diplomats from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, among others.