Smartmatic offers the Philippines technology to prevent and reduce the impact of natural disasters

Manila, August 4 2014.- In response to the high number of natural disasters being suffered by the Philippines, Smartmatic has launched its Unified Security Platform (USP), an advanced technology tool that can help save lives and property.

USP is a solution for public safety that prevents and reduces the impact of natural disasters.  It centralizes the operation of important systems, such as emergency call response, mobile unit dispatch and remote video feeds, to help authorities become more agile and responsive when they’re needed most.

USP also helps monitor flooding, thanks to telemetry devices that measure rainfall and water levels on the ground. Data gathered in real time – even in the most remote areas – is transmitted to a Command and Control Centre. In doing so, USP allows authorities to make better and faster decisions that could save lives.

Alastair Wells, director of Services for Global Smartmatic Asia-Pacific region, is confident that USP is a platform that could empower Filipinos. "We want to help build safer cities and communities in line with their sustainability efforts. This is part of our ongoing commitment to advancing the communities we serve," says Wells.

Smartmatic is a global company headquartered in London, with a proven track record of creating technology and services that have had a positive social impact in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the United States. Its Manila office has coordinated delivery of the company’s electoral services and technology that were instrumental in the success of the last two national elections.