Smartmatic in Demotech, experts debate about the future of election technology in Latam

United Kingdom, London - July 9, 2018 - Experts in election modernization in Latin America participated in the second edition of "Demotech: democracies of the present and future", an event sponsored by Transparencia Electoral in the city of Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.

During the event, the expert panel discussed how technology is being implemented throughout the election cycle, and the types of solutions being developed to bolster democratic participation in the digital age. Leandro Querido, executive director of Transparencia Electoral, was joined in the panel by the head of the Election Political Observatory of the Ministry of the Interior, Gerardo Scherlis, and Smartmatic's representative for the region, Andres Rombola.
Querido assured that today, more than ever before, Latin American elections commissions are relying on technology to automate their processes; from voter registration to voting and results canvassing.

Smartmatic’s representative, Andrés Rombolá, showcased some of the voting technology that the company has deployed around the world. He emphasized the successful experience that Smartmatic had in the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primary elections (PASO in Spanish), held in August 2017, in which biometric voter authentication devices were deployed.

Demotech began this round of events in March, 2018, in the city of Buenos Aires. Organizers are hoping to continue the initiative now that Argentina is debating the modernization of its future election processes.