Fastest President and Vice President proclamations in Philippine history draw praise

Manila, the Philippines - May 30, 2016 - The Philippine Congress has proclaimed Rodrigo Duterte and Leni Robredo as president-elect and vice president-elect of the Republic, the fastest ever proclamation for the country’s top two posts.  The proclamations came just 21 days after the May 9 elections. They followed the speediest canvassing proceedings in the country’s history -concluded in just three days.

The previous record stood at 30 days when Benigno Aquino was proclaimed President in 2010.

Smartmatic, which provided Comelec with the technology to run the automated polls, cited the success factors for this year's elections.

“The success of the May 9 elections doesn’t stop at the speedy electronic count and the high voter turnout, among other positive outcomes. We also saw the fastest canvassing of votes for national positions, which were performed and finished within days," according to the company's Philippines general manager Elie Moreno.

All 12 winning senators were proclaimed at once on May 19, which was a marked improvement over previous proclamations where it took several announcements to proclaim the winners.

The speed and orderliness of the elections also drew praise from Senator Franklin Drilon –the candidate who received the most votes in this election- who lauded the Commission on Elections for “a job well done” and for strengthening democracy in the country by ensuring credible elections.

Commenting on the relative speed of the proclamation, Senator Koko Pimentel also stated this election proclamation was accomplished “at record-breaking speed”.

The May 9 elections saw the largest turnout since 1986 with 81% of the registered voters or over 44 million Filipinos casting their votes.

With 84% of all results already transmitted a few hours after the polls closed, winners at the local level were declared on election night or the following day.  The public already knew who the winning candidates were for the national posts within 24 hours after the polls had closed.

Observers have noted the immediate effects of the speedy and accurate results of the polls, namely the easing of electoral tensions, the steep decline of election-related violence, all of which contributed to the robust trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange and the impressive rally of the Philippine currency.