Election experts discuss the most pressing challenges facing democratic participation

United Kingdom, London - June 1, 2018 - “Democracy is at a crossroad. The World Bank recently reported that global turnout in Parliamentary elections has declined 10% in the last 25 years. We need to reinvigorate democratic participation and the role election technologies can play in achieving this noble objective.”

With these words, Mike Summers, Director at Smartmatic, summarized his participation at the 16th International Electoral Affairs Symposium organized by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) in the Portuguese Peninsula of Troia.

During his presentation, entitled “Elections in the Cyber Age: How Digital Democracy is Improving Election Integrity,” Summers explained how election technology can bolster democracy strengthening the key pillars of election integrity. “In spite of the enormous challenges we face, today we count with the necessary technologies to guarantee the legitimacy of elected officials. Issues like youth participation, cybersecurity, social media, gender equality, can be addressed with the advanced technologies at our disposal. Our positive experiences in Sierra Leone, Estonia or the Philippines, among many others, invite me to be optimistic,” added Summers.

Juan Campodonico, Smartmatic’s Product Support Manager for EMEA, was also at the 16th International Electoral Affairs Symposium. His presentation “Election Technology Made affordable. An Opportunity to Optimize the Election Processes” gave the audience an opportunity to learn about the many projects in which election technology has improved election efficiency and transparency, while lowering costs.

This edition of the symposium was hosted by the National Electoral Commission of Portugal. The four day event, held on May 28-31, gathered election officials from all continents who debated about the most pressing challenges election management bodies are facing.

In the event, Smartmatic showcased its innovative technology solutions to help manage voter registers, poll stations, vote counting, voting, results transmission, and many other crucial tasks.