Buenos Aires tests Smartmatic solutions to modernize democratic participation

Argentina, Buenos Aires - September 30, 2017 - "Technology is drastically transforming democratic participation around the world. Each day, an empowered citizenry is demanding more from their representatives. Leaders must take this reality into account and open spaces for citizen to assume a leading role”, said Andrés Rombola, Country Manager of Smartmatic for South America, during the Smart City Expo held in Buenos Aires on September 28- 30.

In this first edition, the conference was organized around five themes: Living Cities, Open Government, Equitable Cities, Digital Innovation and Economic Development and Sustainable Cities. At the Open Government pavilion, Smartmatic demonstrated the solutions it offers to improve elections and citizen participation.

"Smart City Expo gave us the opportunity to show how innovation can empower citizens. At Smartmatic we work to help election authorities in the modernization of their elections by offering solutions that facilitate participation and increase the legitimacy of the process," added Rombola.

Attendees of the event tested Smartmatic voting machines and biometric authentication devices, similar to those that have been deployed in Argentina recently.

During the PASO elections held last August, Smartmatic successfully deployed 1,250 devices to help authorities in five Argentine provinces (Misiones, Formosa, Salta, Jujuy, Chaco and Corrientes) to validate the identity of voters before the cast their vote. This same technology will be deployed again during the October 22 elections.

Earlier, in 2015, Smartmatic's electronic voting machines helped voters from La Falda and Marcos Juarez to elect their executive and legislative authorities. In addition to providing a simple voting experience, and ensuring the security and integrity of the vote, official results were known only 45 minutes after voting ended.