Estonia’s online voting system sets new participation record

March 05, 2019

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The Parliamentary Elections held from February 21 - March 3 saw an increase of 40% in online participation over the same elections in 2015

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Smartmatic's Auditable Election Systems prove to be the most reliable voting technology November 25, 2008

Caracas, November 25, 2008.- Smartmatic, a leading supplier of technological solutions throughout the globe, announces that its Auditable Election...

Smartmatic revolutionizes people registration and authentication with PARmobile November 04, 2008

The launching of Smartmatic's PARmobile for collecting biographic and biometric information will be at CARTES & Identification 2008

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99% effectiveness during Venezuelan Electoral Drill November 03, 2008

Caracas, October 28, 2008. -  The National Electoral Council (CNE), Smartmatic and the other companies involved in the electoral process, jointly...

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Engineering test for next Venezuelan elections, a success October 22, 2008

Caracas- October 15, 2008. - On October 5, the ruling electoral institution in Venezuela known as the National Electoral Council (CNE by its acronym...

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Smartmatic announces Armando Yañes as new Chief Financial Officer September 10, 2008

Yañes brings strong financial and industry experience as Smartmatic continues international expansion