CGI and Smartmatic to deliver electronic vote counting solution for 2020 London elections

December 13, 2018

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The e-counting solution will ensure ballot papers are scanned and processed quickly and accurately, with full auditability of results

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Smartmatic presents its electronic voting in South Korea June 04, 2014

Smartmatic demonstrated its experience in election automation and electronic voting during events held in Seoul, South Korea.

Smartmatic voting machine in Belgium

Verifiable electronic vote makes history in Belgium during the EU parliamentary elections May 27, 2014

Smartmatic provided election technology and services in Belgium, serving millions of voters.

Smartmatic brings verifiable electronic voting to Bulgaria May 20, 2014

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Smartmatic will make available a fully-verifiable electronic voting solution to Bulgaria for the European Union Parliament elections.

Smartmatic's new ewbsite

Smartmatic unveils new website May 15, 2014

Smartmatic, the world leader in electronic voting, has unveiled its new website.

Smartmatic brings technology to serve all to Houten May 05, 2014

A Smartmatic team had the wonderful privilege of taking part in the 2014 annual trade show Ziezo in Houten, the Netherlands.