Smartmatic CEO at The Spectator’s ‘5 ideas to change the world’

The event, organized by The Spectator, was held at Church House, Westminster in London on June 14

United Kingdom, London – June 16, 2017 – “If we look back in history, we’ll see that in each era, technological and scientific change gave birth to new forms of social and political organizations and new forms of governance,” said Antonio Mugica, CEO for Smartmatic, during his intervention at the ‘5 ideas to change the world’ event organized by The Spectator.

During his presentation, entitled “The Future of Democracy is Digital”, Mugica emphasized the role technology will play in creating new forms of governance. “In the future we will see a lot more participation, higher engagement and people will be more involved in decision making”.

As CEO of SGO and Smartmatic, Antonio Mugica has been actively involved in the development of innovative technologies to improve elections, increase participation and bolster democracy.

Based on the experience Smartmatic has had around the world, Mugica explained how authorities face similar challenges when organizing elections. “Disengagement, difficulty in the voting, fraud and misinformation are some of the problems with elections.”

However, he remains optimistic about the outlook: “Technology is already solving the major challenges of today’s elections: low registration, low turnout, errors and fraud,” he stated.

The event, organized by The Spectator, was held at Church House, Westminster in London on June 14.

Jo Coburn, BBC broadcaster, hosted the event in which five speakers were given 10 minutes each to present their inspiring and entertaining ideas from.

Mugica was joined by Timandra Harkness, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s FutureProofing, writer and comedian; Toby Young, journalist and cofounder of three free schools; Tony Young, surgeon and director of innovation, NHS England; and Vinay Gupta, Blockchain innovator, Ethereum.