Smartmatic Premier Partner AirLabs Recognized for COVID-19 Technology


AirLabs is transforming how humans understand air pollution, clean the air and control air flows to create clean air zones where it is safe to...

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Now you can vote online with a selfie10/17/2016

Smartmatic’s online voting system, TIVI, leverages facial biometrics to allow voters to authenticate themselves.

Smartmatic launches TIVI - a secure and verifiable online voting solution09/26/2016

This next-generation voting solution provides the strongest assurance of election integrity of any online voting solution available today.

GES and Smartmatic complete successful organized Labor Election in Hawaii07/19/2016

The Election consisted of an in-person vote on Day 1 and a mail ballot tabulation on Day 2.

Government inaction costs votes of 1.1M young people in referendum07/01/2016

New research illustrates the link between low youth turnout in elections and the UK’s outdated voting system.

Smartmatic shares expertise as calls made to provide online voting for European expats 06/29/2016

European parliament hearing reveals concerns about disenfranchisement of overseas voters due to outdated voting systems.