Zambia deploys class-leading Smartmatic voter authentication system

United States – September 24, 2021 - The Electoral Commission of Zambia deployed Smartmatic biometric e-Poll books during the Presidential and Parliamentary elections held in August 2021. The portable biometric devices were used at polling sites to authenticate voters against Zambia’s clean voter database. The e-Poll books also helped administer polling stations.

“The Electoral Commission of Zambia is one of the most forward-looking election management bodies in the world. We are proud to have it among our trusted partners since 2010,” said Antonio Mugica, CEO for Smartmatic.

For more than a decade, the Commission has been continuously updating and upgrading its cutting-edge voter database. The database has enabled national elections in 2010, 2015 and 2021. Today, the database contains biographic and biometric data, including facial photos and 10-finger biometrics of every voter.

The combination of a robust database and the 1,000 efficient e-Poll books deployed in 2021 helped minimize identity-related fraud and streamlined polling station management. Using industry best practices, authorities cleaned the database and eliminated duplicates before the election. Having fingerprints and facial biometrics allowed for a thorough depuration process that ensured maximum accuracy.

“Committed to guarantee the integrity of their elections, Zambia has harnessed the power of biometric technology. We hope to continue serving a nation that is today a worldwide reference for the use of inclusive, robust, and secure biometric voter databases,” added Mugica.