Verifiable electronic vote makes history in Belgium during the EU parliamentary elections

Brussels, 27 May, 2014.- Smartmatic, the world’s leading voting technology and services provider, helped Belgian voters to use for the first time a 100% automated and fully-verifiable electronic voting solution to select their representatives to the European Parliament. Turnout in Belgium reached 90%, the highest among EU nations. 

These elections were particularly complex as three different parliaments were being elected -Regional, Federal and European. The advanced automated voting platform provided by Smartmatic, which had been previously used in municipal and provincial elections in Belgium, was a key element in the success of the electoral process.

Smartmatic provided election technology and services in 3,365 polling stations across 153 communes, serving millions of voters.

Commenting on the elections, Antonio Mugica, CEO for Smartmatic said “It was an honor for us to be part of this first-ever European parliament election using verifiable voting. Together with authorities, we managed to expedite the voting experience of Belgians while guaranteeing maximum transparency and accuracy.”

In November 2011, Smartmatic was selected by the Federal Public Service Interior of Belgium as voting technology provider for the next fifteen years. It then produced a tailor-made voting solution following Belgium's legal frame and the rigorous guidelines set forth by the Federal Public Service Interior, the Regions, leading Belgian universities, and the Council of Europe.