Smartmatic’s selfie technology mentioned in the news

United Kingdom, London – May 22, 2017 - We are pleased to have been mentioned in the article, Smartmatic’s Voting with a Selfie App Could Encourage Higher Voter Participation. The article explains our recent innovation, an app that allows users to vote during an election by snapping a selfie. The app aims to increase voting numbers by adapting to the times as well as supply an easy, accessible and secure way to participate during elections.

“Mike Summers, program director for Internet voting at Smartmatic, and director of the Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting, says this technology could mean an increase in voters. He says, "This app could change the landscape of voting. People are more mobile than ever before and the democratic process needs to evolve to meet the needs of modern citizens. Allowing people to vote with a selfie using a secure digital identity can strengthen the voting process and make it more accessible."

The article also eases readers’ fears regarding safety. Summers states, “this new technology is even more secure than standard online banking or shopping systems and uses additional cryptographic protections to ensure voter privacy and protect against vote tampering.”

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Source: CNBC