Smartmatic Wraps Successful 2019 and Looks Toward Bigger Year in 2020

Boca Raton, Florida – January 18, 2020 – Smartmatic, the world leader in secure election technology, continued to blaze trails in 2019 with projects that span the globe. From Los Angeles to London, and Belgium to Bulgaria, the company helped election officials make their projects more secure and more transparent. Below is a look at some of last year’s highlights and a peak at what’s ahead in 2020.

Innovative and Accessible: Voting Solution for All People (VSAP), Los Angeles County, California

Smartmatic has completed development on the Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) BMD, and is now manufacturing 31,100 units and performing systems integration for America’s largest voting jurisdiction.

A key feature of the VSAP—the Interactive Sample Ballot (ISB)—represents a groundbreaking innovation in voter convenience. The ISB provides voters with additional privacy and accessibility and it may reduce wait times at the polls. It will formally debut in the March presidential primaries.

Advanced and Efficient: e-Poll Book, Loudoun County, Virginia

Smartmatic’s e-Poll books facilitate the voting process and increases voting center efficiency. Officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, used the e-Poll book in a 2019 local election prior to its planned countywide deployment for the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries.

The Philippines: Trust and Satisfaction

Filipino voters survery 2019 - Smartmatic

Smartmatic provided some 92,000 vote counting machines to nearly 37,000 polling places for the May 2019 national elections. In two independent surveys, Filipino voters were overwhelmingly satisfied with the election and Smartmatic’s automated voting system. This was the fourth consecutive Philippine election to use Smartmatic technology. The electronic count matched the manual count as verified by a random manual audit by NGO Legal Network for Truthful Election.

Argentina: Results in Record Time

Smartmatic’s secure technology helped authorities digitize, transmit and consolidate preliminary tally reports from more than 10,000 voting centers to approximately 1,700 operators in record time. This translated into the fastest election results in Argentine history.

Success Across the EU

Voters in Belgium, Bulgaria and Estonia used secure Smartmatic voting technology to cast fully verifiable votes during the May 2019 European Parliament elections.

Belgium: Smartmatic deployed more than 23,000 electronic voting machines across 4,200 polling stations.

Bulgaria: The National Elections Commission deployed 3,000 Smartmatic voting machines in its transition from manual voting to secure electronic voting.

Estonia: Estonia continued its world leadership in secure online voting using its internet platform developed by the Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre for Excellence in Internet Voting. The May 2019 EU Parliamentary elections saw a 51% increase in online voting compared to the same election in 2014.

2020 Look Ahead: Global Expansion

United States: In mid-2020, Smartmatic will begin demonstrating to U.S. voting jurisdictions its new state-of-the-art VSAP electronic voting machine model. Designed with multiple ballot-marking options, the machine represents the latest innovation in secure election technology, including improved accessibility and ease of use.

London, UK: Working in partnership with CGI, Smartmatic will help deliver electronic vote counting and results reporting for London’s May 2020 elections. The e-counting solution will ensure ballot papers are processed quickly and accurately, and are fully auditable.