Smartmatic unveils new voting machine

United Kingdom, London - January 31, 2019 - “Real and perceived threats to election processes have placed election integrity under close scrutiny. Around the world, authorities, voters, politicians and other stakeholders are demanding better and more secure elections. Our new Classic Voting Machine does just that. This cost-efficient touchscreen voting machine protects election data, is accessible and fully transparent.”

With these words Dr. Khodr Akil, Vice President for Smartmatic Africa, unveiled Smartmatic’s newest Classic Voting Machine. The presentation took place during the 17th International Electoral Affairs Symposium, organized by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies in Ghana.

The Classic Voting Machine was created to provide a richer and more convenient election experience for all stakeholders. Its user-centered design and intuitive interfaces help voters navigate through the voting process. A built-in printer is programmed to provide physical copies of every vote to make an auditor of each voter.

“We added this new device to our portfolio of voting machines because we know that no all elections are created equal. Our Classic Voting Machine is fully-integrated and lightweight; this allows election authorities to easily reach voters even in the most remote rural areas,” added Mr. Akil.

In addition to unveiling the Classic Voting Machine, Smartmatic showcased its all-encompassing portfolio of technology solutions to improve the transparency and efficiency of election processes.

The 17th International Electoral Affairs Symposium, held in Ghana’s capital Accra on January 27-30, gathered approximately 100 representatives from 50 different countries to share election best practice initiatives and assess new technologies and tools to increase the integrity of elections.

“Today, the vast majority of countries – approximately a 90%– employ technology at some point of the election cycle, whether it is registration devices to build reliable voter databases, software solutions to tabulate results or voting machines to automate voting. The election technology market is growing worldwide, and we are proud to be offering innovative solutions to protect elections from current and future threats,” stated Mr. Akil.

Topics discussed during the symposium included: Current and Future Electoral Technologies; Youth Voter Participation; Elections and Disabilities; Gender Equality and Political Empowerment of Women; Building transparency and accountability in elections; The impact of training in the electoral process; Biometric - enrollment, identification & verification solutions; The value of the vote - equality in the value of votes; and Security seals, labels, indelible ink and ballots for elections.