Smartmatic participates in Demotech, a new event promoting the modernization of elections

United Kingdom, London - March 14, 2018 - Election experts with extensive experience in Latin American elections gathered in Argentina on March 9,  for the first edition of Demotech. The main objective of this event was to generate awareness about technology and the modernization of elections.

Demotech was led by Leandro Querido, Executive Director of Transparencia Electoral, an NGO that promotes transparent and balanced elections.
During his participation, Querido explained how Demotech seeks to promote a regional debate to address how technology can be implemented throughout the entire election cycles, to increase transparency and accessibility.

Eduardo Correia, VP of Smartmatic’s Election Solutions Business Unit, participated in a panel to explain the company’s approach to election modernization and to share the company’s experiences around the world.

"There are many digital safeguards that technology offers to guarantee the integrity of elections," explained Correia, who also highlighted Smartmatic’s experience deploying electronic voting in Italy and Belgium. “Technology can improve the transparency, integrity and legitimacy of elections”.

Eduardo Correia is an engineer with more than fifteen years of experience in the development and implementation of electoral technology. As Vice President of the Electoral Business Unit of Smartmatic, Correia has been in charge of the election projects that the company has deployed in more than 25 countries.

Demotech will continue to be carried out in different provinces of Argentina, a country where biometric technology was deployed in 2017 to authenticate voters.