Smartmatic expedites preliminary results in its third Mexican election

Chiapas, Mexico - July 21, 2015 - Smartmatic, the world’s leading election technology company, helped Chiapas election authorities to expedite preliminary results during the local elections held on Sunday, July 19. This was the third Mexican election in which Smartmatic participated after assisting authorities in Campeche and Tabasco earlier in June.

Commenting on this latest deployment, Luis Vecchi, Smartmatic Mexico’s President, said: "Conducting a third successful electoral project in Mexico this year, makes us feel very optimistic about the future of election automation in this country. We are delighted to have contributed to bring efficiency and transparency to Campeche, Tabasco y Chiapas."

The Preliminary Election Results Program that Smartmatic provided for the three States was fully compliant with all the requirements set forth by the Mexican National Electoral Institute. Preliminary results allow authorities to release results while the official count is certified. Each one of the solutions offered was customized to meet the specific needs of the States.

In Chiapas, Smartmatic configured and deployed the digitization and data transmission equipment used in 146 consolidation centers. In addition, it was tasked with the installation and operation of the regional center where the digital copies of count reports were inputted to aggregate results. Results were broadcasted in real time using a web platform designed and implemented by Smartmatic.

"Once we received count reports, we were able to speed up the preliminary results using the most advanced technology to digitize and process electoral information. A little over an hour after polls closed, began showing on line in real time." added Vecchi.

In Chiapas, 3,376,449 voters were eligible to elect: 24 deputies by relative majority, 17 deputies by proportional representation, and 122 delegation chiefs for City Councils.