Smartmatic Expands Risk-Mitigation Portfolio to Ensure Election Continuity

Boca Raton, United States - April 13, 2020 – With election officials facing the daunting task of ensuring election continuity during the coronavirus crisis, Smartmatic has expanded its risk-mitigation portfolio to help election jurisdictions conduct safe, secure and efficient elections this November. The new offering encompasses a comprehensive set of integrated services, technology solutions, and personal protection products to help reduce the risk of exposure to novel coronavirus for voters, poll workers and election officials.   

“For 20 years we have assisted election officials in overcoming all kinds of obstacles and challenges. We recognize the magnitude of the challenge COVID-19 represents, and we are ready to step in to help,” said Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic. “Minimizing the impact of novel coronavirus on the voting processes requires solutions that help officials ensure voter participation while also protecting the health and safety of voters, poll workers and election department employees.”

Recognizing that not all jurisdictions may be able to drastically adjust their voting methods by November, Smartmatic is offering support in three areas to provide jurisdictions flexibility in conducting elections: Election Worker Safety, Safe In-Person Voting and Safe At-Home Voting. Smartmatic solutions are compliant with guidelines and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other organizations in the US.

Election Worker Safety: Smartmatic has identified nearly three dozen points in the election process where contagions may fester – from polling station set up, to ballot production, to help desks, to voter registration, to ballot counting and training. Smartmatic helps jurisdictions identify and remedy key areas with comprehensive solutions including sterilization technologies and safe operating protocols.

Safe In-Person Voting: To ensure in-person voting is as safe as possible, Smartmatic helps election officials mitigate health risks with expert consultation and evaluation that generate customized action plans. Each plan will include proper protocols based on best practices and science-based guidance as well as process modifications and products to minimize health hazards at polling places, tally centers and warehouses. These solutions can include awareness campaigns, personal protective equipment (PPE), automated disinfection units and live monitoring.  

Safe At-Home Voting: Smartmatic’s Online Ballot Delivery (OBD) can help jurisdictions expand their remote-voting systems faster and more effectively than traditional vote-by-mail systems. Based on Smartmatic’s successful, time-tested remote-voting platform, the Online Ballot Delivery platform enables voters to download and print their ballot, fill it out by hand, and mail it or drop it at a designated drop-off location. A second option allows voters to mark their paper ballots electronically before printing and returning them. Smartmatic’s Online Ballot Delivery will work seamlessly with any voting technology used in any election jurisdiction.

States and jurisdictions interested in incorporating Smartmatic’s Online Ballot Delivery platform as an additional option in their elections should contact Smartmatic immediately to begin the evaluation process. Jurisdictions should expect to commit to the OBD system as soon as possible to ensure adequate time for customization and testing. For additional information about Smartmatic’s Online Ballot Delivery, please see our FAQ.

Smartmatic’s other business unit focused on mission critical solutions for governments is already working with several states in the US as well as across the globe world manufacturing and providing ventilators, face masks, sterilization units, air filtration systems and immunity passport systems. Hospitals and other critical infrastructure that wish to avail themselves of these offerings can do so immediately. (Contact information)

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