New ePen technology assists election officials in California primaries

California, United States - June 16, 2016 - Election authorities from Los Angeles County pioneered the use of the ePen- an innovative new digital technology to streamline and expedite election reports - during the California Primary Presidential Elections held on June 7th.

The ePen is a digital pen, which streamlines the various phases of the election process, improving the speed, accuracy and integrity of the traditional vote counting process. It was used in cities such as Malibu, Littlerock and Downey to process votes cast through provisional envelopes and vote-by-mail ballots. It was also utilized on election night to help account for outstanding ballots.

“Election officials are under increased pressure to organize better elections with fewer resources,” said Robert Cook, VP World-Wide Sales for Smartmatic. “Improving our elections should not be an exclusive responsibility of elections commissioners, but a challenge that must be tackled by the entire election ecosystem. We are glad to have put one of our most innovative solutions in the hand of the L.A. County authorities.”

L.A. County, the most populous county in the United States, has a population of approximately 10 million people and 4.9 million registered voters.

In November 2015 the City of Richmond used our ePen during the State elections to process votes. Commenting on the success of that pilot, Kirk Showalter, City of Richmond General Registrar, stated: “Smartmatic’s ePen is on the threshold of providing a very useful resource to the election community”.

The ePen’s election functionality was developed by London-headquartered Smartmatic. The company was in charge of providing the equipment and training staff in California.