Experts from 35 countries gather in Jordan to discuss election administration

United Kingdom, London - December 7, 2017 - Smartmatic joined experts from 35 countries in the 15th International Electoral Symposium to discuss how technology is shaping election administration around the world.

Throughout 2017 Smartmatic assisted elections commissions from Europe, South America and Africa in modernizing their elections by providing technology and services. In Jordan, Juan Campodonico, a Smartmatic director, used the company’s most recent deployments in Armenia, Italy, Argentina and Sierra Leone to explain how technology improved voter registers, voter authentication and voting.

A special session on Fake News was led by Mohamed Mansour, a Smartmatic executive for the Middle East. In his presentation, Mansour explained how Fake News is affecting elections around the world and outlined various strategic steps to help authorities to counter their negative impact on election processes.

With election participation decreasing across the globe –10% in the last 25 years according to the World Bank’s 2017 World Development Report– election management bodies are discussing best practices to improve processes and make them more inclusive. “In spite of the many challenges Jordan has faced over the years, and the wave of discouragement some may have felt, we remain hopeful and we keep working for a better tomorrow,” said IEC Chairman Khalid Al Kalaldeh.

The event, organized by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in collaboration with the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) and the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), was held at the Dead Sea in Jordan on December 4-5.

jordan - smartmatic - 15th electoral symposium