Auburn University to conduct webinar series on elections issues

Boca Raton, FL – April 15, 2021 – Smartmatic is working with the graduate school of Political Science at Auburn University on series of webinars titled, “ELECTION TENSION: The Voting Process and Credible Outcomes.” The free, online events will be held quarterly throughout 2021.

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, polls have shown that voters have considerable doubt in the integrity of election processes – this despite multiple auditing and checks and balances. If the electorate does not have faith in the process and the outcomes chaos will follow. There are many factors that influence the conduct of fair, accessible, secure elections with verifiable outcomes. Auburn University and Smartmatic have teamed up on a series of webinars examining various issues underpinning election processes.

The next three quarterly webinars will be:

  • Innovation in The Election Industry: What’s Next?
  • Improving Election Accessibility While Maintaining Security.
  • How Can Technology Improve Voter Trust During and After Voting?

A rotating roster of experts and academics will take part as panelists, bringing insights and specialized knowledge to each webinar. Each broadcast will also include an open Q&A session for audience members to participate and dig deeper into topics of interest.

The webinar series is hosted by Kathleen Hale and Mitchell Brown of Auburn University. Dr. Hale is professor of Political Science. She directs Auburn’s Election Administration Initiative and Graduate Program in Election Administration. Dr. Mitchell Brown teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in research design, quantitative methodology, field research, race and politics, and American government.

The first webinar in this series, “Engendering Trust in Election Outcomes,” took place April 6 and featured:

  • Joseph Uscinski, University of Miami professor and expert in conspiracy theories
  • Lance Gough, former Executive Director of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and leader of transformative change in election administration.
  • Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic CEO

You can see this episode, and all of Smartmatic’s past webinars, by clicking here.

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