Smartmatic attends symposium in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, July 15 2014.- A group of Smartmatic EMEA representatives recently traveled to Kenya to show electoral commissions our technology and services, and to present some of the success stories that have made Smartmatic the world leader in the industry.

Marco Huberts, Sales President, together with Mattijhs Schippers, Mohamed Kazem, Eric Waku, Titi Pitso, Raul Correia, and Juan Campodónico comprised our group of executives participating in 8th International Electoral Affairs Symposium which was organized by the International Center for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), on June 25-27 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The event focused on “Building Confidence and Trust in the Electoral Process”, so our team made two presentations highlighting the importance of combining the right type of technology with proper process improvement to guarantee successful elections that build trust. 

"The elections industry offers technology as the only answer for successful elections. On the other hand, NGOs specialize in providing assistance in improving the various processes that make an election. Our approach is more holistic. We believe that the integration of best practices with good technology in a single solution is the ideal way for a successful election", said Matthijs Schippers, sales director for Smartmatic.

During the symposium, the Smartmatic team also presented ePen, our digital pen to streamline the digital capture and transmission of count reports. This new electoral solution received high praise from authorities and experts. 

"The symposium’s venue at the lake side of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, served as exciting ambiance for the international audience to show why and how we are different than others in offering end-to-end solutions that improve elections in a result oriented manner with a sustainable impact. Electoral commissions showed great interest in our new ePen solution", added Matthijs.

ICPS was created to promote effective policy making and good governance through better interaction between Parliaments, Governments and other stakeholders in society.

Smartmatic is a proud sponsor of the ICPS.