Smartmatic relocates worldwide headquarters to London

London, February 29, 2012.- Smartmatic, a world leader in technology solutions for Governments, announced today the relocation of its International Headquarters to London, UK.

The move represents a major step for the fast-growing technology company as it endeavors to capitalize on the opportunities of a worldwide demand for more transparent and efficient governments.

Founded in 2000, the multinational company is a world leader in the design and deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions aimed at increasing transparency and efficiency of government.

After gaining international recognition as the largest and most successful voting technology company in the planet, Smartmatic has also made significant advances in its other business areas in the field of Smart Cities and Identity Management Systems.

"We believe that moving our Corporate Headquarters to London will help our global strategy and to strengthen our growth opportunities in the years to come", said Smartmatic's CEO, Mr Antonio Mugica.

At a time of increasing financial challenge for Governments and with the demand for democratisation and citizen enfranchisement growing across the globe, the company sought a location that could best serve as a central hub for their worldwide operations. "The continuing global excitement about our technology led us to seek a HQ that allowed Smartmatic to take full advantage of the international markets in which we operate. London is a 24-hour business centre with an excellent communications and professional services infrastructure that will greatly enhance our opportunities to consolidate Smartmatic as a true world leader in the development of technological solutions that bring governments closer to the real needs of citizens", said CEO Antonio Mugica.