Lawsuit & Fact Checks

Smartmatic is taking steps to defend its reputation from attacks by actors trying to further their agendas and profits. These attacks don’t just hurt Smartmatic. They damage the credibility and integrity of all elections, and disparage the hard work of election officials, administrators and poll workers around the world.

Smartmatic Fact check

Smartmatic’s credibility is our most important asset. To be trusted partners to governments and election officials we need to be transparent and forthright. Here are the facts about our company and our history. No spin. No polish.

You can find a list of independent fact-check organizations published by the University of California here and from American University here. (Smartmatic has no relationship to either of these universities or their lists. We offer them only as resources to help your own efforts to fact check.)

Our role in the US 2020 election

  • Smartmatic technology was used only in Los Angeles County, California in the 2020 election. The system we provided to LA County does not count, tabulate or store votes.
  • Smartmatic did not provide any hardware or software or services to Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Arizona during the 2020 US election, nor did we supply any other voting technology servicing those states.
  • There are no ties between Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic – plain and simple. No ownership ties, no software leasing, no business at all between them. In 2009, (more than a decade ago) Smartmatic licensed scanning machines from Dominion for use in the Philippines for a Smartmatic election project.

Our company history, ownership and products

  • Smartmatic’s software was developed by our own engineers to do three things: accurately process votes, keep them secure and facilitate audits. That’s it. There is no other agenda. Our technology has been proven in audited elections for almost 20 years.
  • Smartmatic election technologies and services have been authenticated by independent third-party validators, including the US Election Assistance Commission, the State of California, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and SLI Global. They have also been validated by world-renowned institutions such as the Carter Center, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the European Union.
  • Smartmatic has no ties to governments or political parties. Governments are clients with whom we do business – just like every other commercial entity. We do not have any alliances or relationships with any politician, political party, PAC, or government. Smartmatic’s founders and employees adhere to a strict ethics code that, among other things, prohibits them from making political donations.
  • Smartmatic does not have any ties to any national leader, living or dead, in the US or any other country.
  • Two of the founders, Antonio Mugica and Roger Piñate, run the company as CEO and President, respectively. The majority of company shares are held by the Mugica and Piñate families. The remaining shares (less than 20%) are held by employees and investors.
  • George Soros has no ownership interest in Smartmatic, nor is he an investor. He’s not on the Board or otherwise employed by Smartmatic. He never has been. That’s been proven time and again.
  • The founders of Smartmatic were born in Venezuela. The company, however, was founded in Boca Raton, Florida in 2000 and still maintains its US base there. Tesla, Procter & Gamble, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx,, Google and many other American companies were founded by people born outside the US. A US company is still a US company, regardless of where its founders or shareholders happened to be born.
  • Smartmatic has only owned one election company in the US, Sequoia Voting Systems. Smartmatic sold the company in 2007 to Sequoia’s management team. More than three years later Sequoia was bought by Dominion Voting Systems. Smartmatic had no part in Sequoia’s acquisition by Dominion.
  • Smartmatic does not have any operations in Venezuela. We did election projects in Venezuela from 2004 to 2017, and Smartmatic’s equipment, software and people all performed successfully every time. In 2017, our technology helped prove that the government was reporting false turnout numbers – so we blew the whistle on them – and stopped doing business there at that time.
  • Smartmatic has never sold any voting machines in Myanmar, Bolivia, Nicaragua or Spain.