Smartmatic in Brazil - Know the facts

Voting machines in Brazil. Smartmatic has never sold, leased, rented or loaned any voting machines to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of Brazil. The voting machines used in Brazil were provided by other companies: Unisys, Diebold and Positivo Tecnologia. Smartmatic has never had access to the source code for Brazilian voting machines, regardless of who manufactured those machines.

Smartmatic in Brazil. In 2012, Smartmatic provided election support services to the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil, including maintenance and testing of electronic voting machines manufactured by TSE providers (Unisyn and Diebold).

For the 2012, 2014 and 2016 elections, Smartmatic provided data and voice communications technologies for remote areas of the country, which TSE used to efficiently transmit election data. Smartmatic secured the contracts for this work by winning public bids conducted by TSE.

Smartmatic has not provided technology, services or support to TSE for any Brazilian election after 2016.

Who we are. Smartmatic was founded in the United States in 2000. After a period of successful international growth, it moved its headquarters to London in 2012.

Over the last two decades, Smartmatic has helped election management bodies to modernize elections in London, Norway, United States, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries. In doing so, it has become the world's leading election technology company.

Smartmatic has registered and counted more than 6.5 billion votes in elections in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Smartmatic is controlled by a UK Board, according to British legislation.

Recognition. The most relevant election observation institutions in the world, such as the Carter Center, the Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union and the UNDP, have praised our technology.

Smartmatic is a 100% private company, completely independent from any government or political group. No government or group with political interests holds shares of the company.

Smartmatic in Venezuela. From 2004 to July 2017, Smartmatic provided technology and services for all national elections held in Venezuela. The technology used in Venezuela was audited and validated by prestigious international organizations, such as the Carter Center, the OAS and the European Union. In the 15 elections held during that period, candidates from across the political spectrum were elected. 

After the controversial 2017 National Constituency Assembly elections, Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica publicly announced that the turnout rate stated by Venezuela’s Election Commission on Election Night (July 30, 2017) did not match that of our system. As support providers for the election, we knew that authorities had misreported the participation rate by at least 1 million. That was the last Venezuelan electoral event to which Smartmatic provided services.

The integrity of the ballot boxes and the voting system was not compromised during the election of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela. The authorities just announced a different participation rate than what our system indicated.