Online Ballot Delivery

Ensure Election Continuity with a Secure Ballot Delivery & Return Platform

When in-person voting is not an option, we bring the ballot to the voter with our Online Ballot Delivery (OBD) platform. OBD offers election officials and voters an accessible and safe option for voting by mail that reduces the pressure of jurisdictions´ infrastructure and enables same-day registration.

OBD is meant for all remote voters, including UOCAVA, displaced voters, and those concerned with the spread of COVID-19. It provides jurisdictions with an additional cost-effective voting channel based on a platform that allows multiple options:

  • Eligible voters can securely access their ballot from their smartphone or tablet;
  • Jurisdictions decide if voter mark their ballot manually or onscreen;
  • The voter prints their ballot from their safe location;
  • The voter easily returns their ballot by mail or drop-off.

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