Online Ballot Delivery

Ensure Election Continuity with a Secure Ballot Delivery & Return Platform

When in-person voting is not an option, we bring the ballot to the voter with our Online Ballot Delivery (OBD) platform, offering election officials and voters an accessible and safe alternative, also allowing for same day registration.

OBD is meant for all remote voters, including UOCAVA and displaced voters. It provides jurisdictions with an additional cost-effective voting channel based on a platform that allows multiple options:

  • Eligible voters can securely access their ballot online;
  • They can either mark their ballot manually or onscreen;
  • The voter then prints their ballot;
  • and easily returns their ballot by mail or drop-off.

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Regardless of the option, our ballot-tracking system provides election officials and voters insight into their ballot status supporting election officials with the peace of mind they require.

Global and local accessibility standards, such as WCAG, are supported.

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