Election Deployment & Support Services

Count on Us to Help You Run Successful Elections

Smartmatic has 20-plus years of global experience in deploying successful elections events in more than 30 countries.

We offer custom services for every stage of the election lifecycle - with solid planning and project management reinforced by superb operational execution. Our expertise includes deep experience in logistics, implementation and maintenance; support services, such as Help Desk; and even front-end support, including development, cybersecurity, manufacturing, testing, certification and system integration.

Smartmatic also helps you mitigate risk and deliver a safe election project using COVID-19 prevention protocols. Learn more.

Smartmatic can help election officials with projects large or small, supporting one area of need, such as staffing, to a complete turn-key election. Check out how we support LA County, the largest voting jurisdiction in the United States.

Project Management & Consulting

Smartmatic’s project management methods are grounded in the internationally recognized standards established by the Project Management Institute (PMI). However, we are continuously refining these methods based on our own first-hand experience with elections in more than 30 countries around the world.

Smartmatic has successfully implemented some of the biggest election deployments in the world, including the largest deployment with e-Counting machines and the first national deployments with voting machines printing voter-verified paper records. Learn more.

Technology Deployment

Smartmatic designs, configures, certifies and operates any technology-based operations you need for a successful election.

  • Design, installation and operation of data centers. Efficiently functioning data centers require thoughtful layout and flawless installation. Anything less could undermine your success.
  • Database installation, configuration and tuning. Regardless of platform, we bring a depth of experience to database support.
  • WAN & LAN network design, implementation and support. We can build your network for effective performance regardless of size and capacity.
  • Call center design, implementation and support.
  • SMS / GPRS report systems.
  • Smart-360 monitoring system. Get control over your entire digital operation in real time.
  • Fast, secure data transmission.

Supply & Logistics

Efficient procurement processes are key to delivering projects on time and on budget. Having conducted election around the world, Smartmatic has built networks that allow us to efficiently procure and place materials when and where you need them.

We create custom plans for every customer to meet their standards for quality and price, and to simplify their pre-election processes.

We guarantee that all materials are delivered on time to the right destinations, so field workers, poll workers, and election officials can do their jobs properly.

Learn more about our Elections portfolio.