Election Project Management & Services

Effective, flexible event support for successful elections

In addition to its customized hardware and software voting solutions, Smartmatic also provides a robust set of support services—from strategic planning through event implementation—to ensure successful elections.

Smartmatic’s experienced team of experts can successfully support large-scale election deployments in challenging environments. From tight time frames to tight budgets, Smartmatic’s people can answer the challenges of mounting elections. As a partner in your election success, Smartmatic can provide:

  • Massive recruitment of local staff in short time frames
  • Efficient training, online or onsite, using Smartmatic eTrainer
  • Expert delivery of Train-the-Trainer learning cascades
  • Provision and deployment of field support personnel
  • Effective education programs for voters
  • Education and awareness campaigns to build trust

Project Management and Consulting

Our project management methodology is efficient and flexible, and is continuously being refined. It is based on internationally recognized standards established by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Technology deployment

Smartmatic also designs, configures, certifies and operates all the technology necessary to carry out successful elections.

Supply & Logistics

Our extensive experience working with recognized local partners on elections worldwide has allowed us to build a substantial network to provide global logistics. We take care of the entire transport process, ensuring materials arrive on time so that field operators, officials and election authorities can do their jobs properly.

Smartmatic also efficiently procures all the needed consumable supplies, peripherals and ancillary services you might need for your project.

Benefit from:

  • Personalization and profitability, due to our factories being located in competitive markets
  • The highest quality hardware and software, certified to meet the most stringent government requirements
  • Strong relationships with global suppliers and logistics providers
  • Full international transportation coordination capabilities

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