Straightforward Plug & Play e-Poll Book

e-Poll book device on wooden table.Female poll worker printing a report from the e-Poll book.e-Poll book on a wooden table.

Two industry leaders, Smartmatic and DemTech, have teamed up to provide jurisdictions with a unique e-Poll book solution that is the only fully integrated, purpose-built e-Poll book (EPB) on the market.

This new EPB solution combines Smartmatic’s durable, ergonomically designed e-Poll book hardware with DemTech’s intuitive, secure and powerful CenterPoint-e-PollTAB software.

Why would you choose this solution?

  • Unlike other e-Poll book solutions, ours can be used right out of the box, simplifying poll workers’ tasks - Forget bulky peripherals and tangled cables.
  • The fast, scan based voter check-in process truly minimizes the time needed to check-in voters.
  • The EPB is user-centered designed to provide a highly comfortable experience to both voters as well as poll workers.
  • Election officials know what is going on in real-time.
  • You can securely deploy, update and synch within your network of e-Poll books.
  • Jurisdictions require independence, so with the set-up wizard you can format your e-Poll book in less than 15 minutes, without having to process the voter information offsite, as other vendor solutions require.
  • Control the way your e-Poll Book looks and operates. Customize everything from reports to receipts.
  • We are always there to support you, benefit from our knowledgeable, personalized support for your team.

Contact us now to learn how Smartmatic’s e-Poll Book can improve your voter management processes.

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