Fully Integrated e-Poll book

Smartmatic provides jurisdictions with a unique e-Poll book solution that is the only fully integrated, purpose-built e-Poll book (EPB) on the market.

Election officials, poll workers and voters all benefit from this integrated solution

  • The user-centered design of the EPB provides a highly comfortable experience to both voters and poll workers.
  • Unlike other e-Poll book solutions, ours can be used right out of the box, simplifying poll workers’ tasks. Forget bulky peripherals and tangled cables.
  • Control the way your e-Poll book looks and operates. Customize everything from reports to receipts.
  • With the set-up wizard you can format your e-Poll book in less than 15 minutes.
  • You no longer need to process voter information offsite, as you do with competitors’ systems.
  • You can easily build, import/export and save your own templates, and customize everything from reports to receipts—it’s all under your control.
  • Our EPB is vote center ready and allows for same day registration.
  • The fast voter search minimizes check-in time.
  • Secure synching allows election officials to see voter flow in real-time.

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