Election Management Platform

Electoral officials working on computers in control room.

Centralized election management for successful elections

Smartmatic’s fully auditable and highly secure web-based platform helps election officials centralize their decision-making.

Our Election Management Platform (EMP) ensures that those charged with organizing elections maintain complete control of the entire election event. EMP allows election officials to properly design, plan and manage all the tasks essential to conducting a flawless election event.

EMP’s user-centered design provides a workflow-based interface that is intuitive and easily navigated. It features embedded instructions that quickly guide users through each task and process, minimizing time, reducing errors and eliminating the need for extensive training.

Election officials will enjoy more control over various operations, which will reduce their dependence on outside vendors.

Created from Smartmatic’s extensive global experience managing elections, this powerful platform simplifies complex, multifaceted execution processes. It allows election organizers to do more with less and do it better.

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