Protecting the personal safety of poll workers and voters

No poll worker should risk their health and no voter should have to decide between coronavirus and casting a vote. With Smartmatic’s help you can ensure that doesn’t happen.

How can you minimize risk?

Our election experts review and tailor your risk-mitigation processes, procedures and communications. We focus on election readiness, helping to reduce your burden so you’re fully prepared to host low-risk in-person voting.

  • Science-based adjustments of procedures
  • Site surveys
  • Sourcing PPE and cleaning materials
  • Air purifying systems
  • Poll worker recruitment & engagement
  • Online training
  • Polling place layout design

1.    Personalized risk-mitigation

This customized report gives you actionable intelligence to prepare your sites for safe voting. It takes high-level, general guidelines from federal and state bodies (such as the CDC) and tailors them specifically to your environment, your staff and your processes. It clearly identifies risks, weak points and vulnerabilities. It then provides the science-based mitigation measures you need for safe elections.

2.    Implementation help

Working with our mitigation team, we prepare you to resolve the issues that could spread the virus to make your sites as safe as possible. And if you don’t have the manpower to do it, we can provide that, too. From site layout to poll worker recruitment to online training, we can ensure your event is staffed and safe.

Do you need cleaning products, PPE, hand sanitizer, wipes? We have it in stock. What about air filtration equipment? We can ensure your readiness.

3.    Communications help and ongoing support

Telling voters and other stakeholders what you’re doing to protect them is every bit as important as anything else you’re doing to encourage voter turnout. We can provide you with strategy and for outreach. And after all the votes are tallied and reported, we will be there for you to help resolve new issues and ready for your next election event.

Have a look at the brochure for further details. But don’t wait to contact us. Time is running out to prepare for November. Act now. Email us today at

Smartmatic also offers a Safe Election Worker program, which follows the same approach as Safe In-Person Voting but focuses on mitigating the risk of infection for election workers at other facilities, such as warehouses, tally centers, and help desks. Learn more.