Election Readiness: Staging Healthy Elections During the Pandemic

Smartmatic can help you mitigate risk and deliver a safe election project during the COVID-19 crisis.

Election officials dealing with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic have four significant challenges:

  • Limited time
  • Limited capacity
  • Limited expertise
  • Perceptions and communication

Smartmatic can help you overcome these challenges.

We provide custom tailored strategies and all the products, including PPE, needed to ensure you meet your healthy election goal – but time is running out to make it happen before November. Call today to arrange your consult. We have the manpower and knowledge to ensure your election event is as low risk as possible.

Most importantly, we can help you communicate effectively with voters and stakeholders. Good communication impacts your recruitment efforts and voter turnout. They need to know you’re working to protect them.

Our election continuity consists of three programs:

1. Safe In-Person Voting

We will work with you to make sure you’re applying guidance from the CDC and other experts correctly, tailoring these broad recommendations for your specific processes, people and places. We use a holistic, science-based approach so you can minimize risks. We can also provide all the supplies you need to put your plan into action, from hand sanitizer and wipes to KN95 masks.

Learn more about our Safe-In-Person Voting program.

2. Safe Election Worker

This program follows the same approach as Safe In-Person Voting (above) but focuses on mitigating the risk of infection for election workers at other facilities, such as administrative sites, support centers and help desks.

Learn more about our Safe Election Worker program.

3. Safe At-Home Voting

When in-person voting is not an option, we help bring the ballot to the voter with an additional accessible voting channel. Our secure Online Ballot Delivery platform enables voters to access their ballot from the safety of their home via smartphone, tablet or computer. It helps jurisdictions reduce the pressure on their vote-by-mail infrastructure.

Learn more about our Online Ballot Delivery Solution.