SVSAP - The Next Generation of Voting

Incredible flexibility - one secure machine, three configurations

In June 2018, Los Angeles County partnered with Smartmatic to modernize its elections by implementing a new voting system that debuted in March 2020. Smartmatic engineered and manufactured 31,100 machines based on a design created by IDEO – one of the most creative and well-respected design firms on the planet.

Smartmatic has evolved this BMD-based solution to include paper ballot scanning and tabulation. The SVSAP is now the one device that meets your all voting needs.

The SVSAP can be configured to feature as a:

  • Ballot Marking Device (BMD)
  • Paper Scanner
  • Universal Voting Machine (UVM)

Using a single device has multiple benefits:

  • Unified user experience.
  • Simplified education and support.
  • Universal accessibility.

The machine has been designed from the ground up to meet federal VVSG 1.1 guidelines and California Voting System Standards (CVSS), and includes the highest security standards, taking jurisdictions securely into the future. 

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