Female hand pushing the green button on precinct scanner to confirm her selection was cast correctly.

Optimizing vote counting for paper-based elections

Our e-Counting solution facilitates key election processes, such as vote counting and results publication, in elections where voters mark their choices on paper.

Using optical scanners to digitize paper ballots increases the accuracy, efficiency, and transparency of vote counting while maintaining the paper ballot as a final input for auditing.

Benefits of e-Counting include:

  • A familiar, yet optimized voting experience. Voters mark their choices with pen and paper just as in traditional voting.
  • Direct feedback to the voter (with the Precinct Scanner). Detailed instructions are given to the voter to avoid mistakes, such as undervotes or overvotes. This helps guarantee that their ballots are valid;
  • Increased accuracy and faster results. Once digitized, the room for error is minimized.

The Precinct Scanner of our e-Counting solution works in combination with our Election Management Platform (EMP), which prepares all the information necessary to conduct an election. The EMP also provides election officials with 360-degree visibility of all election processes.