Premium Voting Machine

Our solution to guarantee a highly secure and independent voting experience

We designed the Premium Voting Machine to accommodate the needs of voters, poll workers, and election officials.

This revolutionary machine features as a secure Ballot Marking Device (BMD) including a built-in scanner with tabulation and paper backup. It allows election commissions to ensure the highest levels of usability, accessibility and security for all voters. And, all results are completely auditable.

The Premium Voting Machine meets all the latest recommended security and usability standards and has been designed ground up to be compliant with VVSG 1.1 certification.

  • The machine has a 17” touchscreen, smart card reader, and optional bar code reader;
  • An under-the-glass Cut & Drop printer generates a paper audit trail to enable extensive auditing;
  • Audio instructions and tactile interfaces are available, allowing all voters to cast their vote independently;
  • Furthermore, the Premium machine is completely integrated into its own carry case, enabling it to function as a voting booth.

Please hover over the image below and click to navigate the 3D model, and to zoom in/out