Modernizing the US Election Experience

Since 2000, Smartmatic focused on designing and building cybersecure election technologies that are innovative and easy to use. Smartmatic is now introducing one of the first voting solutions in the United States built to the VVSG 2.0 standard.

One of The First Voting Systems Built to VVSG 2.0

Smartmatic is modernizing the US election experience with its new voting system which includes a precinct scanner solution, the Smartmatic BMD, a central scanning solution and our Election Management System. Smartmatic is raising the bar for system design and is one of the first companies that offers a voting system that will be compliant with VVSG 2.0 allowing jurisdictions to meet the challenges of elections for today and tomorrow.

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How Smartmatic Supports Election Officials Worldwide

Applying Cybersecurity to Deliver World-Class Elections

More than 6.5 Billion Votes with Zero Breaches

Cybersecurity is a complex field with hundreds of subsets. Applied cybersecurity is even more specialized. No company in the world has spent the time and research dollars that Smartmatic has developing applied cybersecurity for elections and other mission-critical government applications.

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