Modernizing the US Election Experience

Since its founding in 2000, Smartmatic has helped election commissions in more than 35 countries modernize their elections.

Smartmatic focuses on providing cybersecure election technologies that are innovative and easy to use. Recently, we introduced the first voting solutions in the United States built to the VVSG 2.0 standard. With this, we are the first ever to submit a system for EAC certification to this new standard.


Modernizing Precinct Tabulation

Benefit from enhanced precinct tabulation with Smartmatic’s latest optical paper scanner that makes casting a ballot easy, intuitive and independent.


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Universal Ballot Marking

Offer your voters a universal voting experience with the Smartmatic BMD.

Voters of all abilities can easily make their selections, review the ballot, make changes if needed and print a human-readable paper ballot.


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Efficient Central Scanning

Accurately tabulate large quantities of ballots quickly, whether the votes are mailed ballots, hand-marked or BMD-marked ballots.


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Intuitive Election Management

Simplify your tasks, minimize errors and reduce the need for training with a user-centric interface, embedded instructions and information-import capability.


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Effective Deployment & Support Services

Count on us to bring you all the benefits of a system designed to meet your needs and VVSG 2.0 standards and every service required to ensure your election’s success. 

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