Enhancing the Election Experience

We help election commissions protect the integrity of elections by providing user-centered and fully accessible solutions that enhance the election experience for all voters, poll workers and election officials. Our secure technology combines multiple layers of protection that guarantee legitimate outcomes.

Our comprehensive portfolio is fully compliant with the latest certification standards (VVSG 1.1) and designed to overcome the threats and challenges of today – and tomorrow.

Smartmatic is the global leader in delivering secure, accessible and transparent technology to automate and safeguard every stage of an election.

Can electronic voting systems protect your vote? Yes!

Automated voting systems in America have been getting a lot of criticism lately. That’s because virtually all of them are severely outdated.

New voting devices, like the ones Smartmatic manufactures, use next-generation technologies that are safe and secure. When used as part of a well-designed, multi-layered election process they are 100% reliable.

Smartmatic devices have processed more than 4.6 billion votes without a security breach. Find out how. 

US Premium Voting System