Census, Records, & Document Management – CRD

We help authorities modernize their civil registry, land management and census processes providing best-in-class technology solutions, supported by proven methodologies, to deploy nationwide mission critical projects.

To guarantee success, we couple our technology with a full-service approach, from the initial planning and business consulting phases, to implementation and the deployment of logistics.

Our approach:

  • A full service approach to modernize public services based on secure electronic documents, registries and biometric identity technologies
  • An integral consulting approach to define the ideal operating model to improve public services, including the technical, process, organizational and human resources perspectives..
  • Integration of best-in-class technologies into a seamless platform, including biometric identity, digital documents, field digital data capture, digital maps, nationwide digital communications, among others.
  • A best-in-class methodology to deploy large nationwide citizen registration processes, with security, accuracy and an integral logistics management approach.