Air Quality Management

We help governments in their effort to clean the air in our cities and reduce citizen exposure to pollution.

Our approach is simple, yet comprehensive. Whether it is shopping districts, large commercial buildings, or any other high density pollution exposure area, we provide breakthrough technologies that dramatically improve air quality, cost effectively and without much disruption.

We offer:

  • An integral solution to clean the air in cities, reducing citizens’ exposure to pollution
  • A breakthrough technology that removes +98% of air pollutants, kills bacteria and reduces obnoxious odors, improving significantly the air quality in cities.
  • Development of the City’s Dynamic Air Pollution Model, to clearly understand and monitor the city’s air quality situation and challenges.
  • A Solution specifically designed for urban challenges, based on our proprietary air quality analysis and evaluation process.
  • A range of air cleaning devices, based on our technological breakthrough designs, able to be deployed for massive outdoor urban air cleaning, as well as for medium to large scale indoor and industrial air cleaning applications.